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July 11, 2018
Weddings at Sterling National Country Club

Sterling National Country Club
33 Albright Road
Sterling, MA 01564
Contact: Georgiana Mathieu, 978-422-0275, georgianam@sterlingcc.com

Weddings at Sterling National Country Club

When you hear the phrase, “country club wedding,” it’s only natural to expect a certain sense of class and prestige. It’s a term that conjures visions of a place with impeccably manicured landscapes and scenic views, as well as an elegant event space, just perfect for entertaining. The Sterling National Country Club in Sterling, Massachusetts, does not disappoint as it delivers on all of those fronts and beyond. What sets this private club apart from the rest, however, is its personalized commitment to its brides and grooms. More than just an exclusive spot with a lovely setting and space, the staff of the Sterling National Country Club makes this notoriously high-end variety of wedding approachable, inviting, and within reach of your budget. They take pride in becoming an intimate and integral part of each couple’s wedding experience, and in many cases, lasting friendships develop.

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“We have one shot at making memories of a lifetime for brides and grooms, and we don’t take that lightly. We are deeply invested in the couples who choose to begin their lives together here,” said Georgiana Mathieu, the venue’s wedding and special events consultant. “Couples walk through our doors not sure what to expect, but by the time we are done, it’s inevitable we’re connected to them and committed to helping them reach their wedding goals. Planning a wedding is like a journey, and at the Sterling National Country Club, we walk that road, side by side with our couples, every step of the way. More than just a contact at the country club, I consider myself a sort of wedding consultant, a bridal assistant, and a coach too, with the ultimate goal of helping brides and grooms bring their wedding vision to life in a way they can afford.”

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The Sterling National Country Club recognizes that each and every wedding is unique. Of course, that’s true no matter where you tie the knot, but at this country club in particular, each individual style is nurtured and embraced. Rather than trying to cram brides and grooms into prefab packages that tell them what they can and cannot have at their wedding, the staff at the Sterling National Country Club takes a step back and gets to know the personality of each couple. They work with brides and grooms, striving to design an event that speaks to who they are and what they want to convey to their guests. Anything is possible here and its a la carte. But don’t confuse that with a running tally of expenses. Sterling National gives couples what they want, rather than up-selling couples on what they don’t need. The goal is to build a memorable event, while keeping a couple’s budget in mind. The country club doesn’t charge extra for using certain chairs or specific room setups. Just about everything is included here—mirrors, votives, linens—in fact, if you want two colors of linens and napkins of another hue, they will make that happen. “No surprises,” is one of their mottoes. Whether you want to get married on a Friday or Saturday night, or even a Sunday morning, each day is available and prices are consistent, no matter what day you choose.

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The Sterling National Country Club is known for its consistency, while, at the same time, for being a bit of a chameleon. What that means for couples is that they can depend on important features, such as food prepared by a five-star chef, friendly and helpful personnel, and an atmosphere of elegance and romance, while at the same time, they can rely on the staff and their preferred vendors for their flexibility and a flair for creativity. The country club has hosted just as many rustic weddings as upscale New York–style nuptials. The decor is classic and neutral in color, so brides and grooms are encouraged to see beyond the lovely room and dramatic views to envision an event infused with their own panache.

“Planning a wedding can be stressful,” said Georgiana. “At Sterling National Country Club, it’s all about using the support and expertise of our cohesive staff to reduce that stress. We make sure enjoying the process and savoring the day is on the menu for all of our couples!”

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Rick Reade

Rick Reade

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