April 2018

April 26, 2018

Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash

A new year brings with it new ideas, fresh inspiration, and an influx of trends that may or may not stick around. But the great thing about trends is that you can use them as a springboard to create unique styles and themes, which is exactly what couples want for their weddings. More than anything else, brides and grooms want a wedding that expresses their personality and offers quality over quantity.

There are several 2018 wedding theme ideas to get excited about. Whether you go all out with one, mix and match a few, or incorporate a couple of details from a specific theme, I think you’ll find these ideas inspiring and flexible enough to adapt to whatever creative and personal wedding theme you choose.

Ethereal Romance

Photo by Lawrence Green on Unsplash

Romance is timeless, elegant, and has always held its place in the wedding world. Soft, feminine details express its beauty. To expand on the classical romantic look, add ethereal details to create a Midsummer Night’s Dream mood. Other elements that make up this theme:

  • Modern marble or transparent invitations combined with calligraphy
  • Candles, twinkling lights, light-up walkways
  • Floral ceilings and over-the-top floral arrangements
  • Gold, mauve, rose gold, blush
  • Billowing fabrics



Via Whipped Bake Shop

The new age/bohemian theme replaces rustic chic. It’s still relaxed and casual, but not as “down home.” Ditch the mason jars and burlap for macrame and feathers. Other things to include:

  • Geometry
  • Geodes and crystals
  • Floral patterns
  • Pink, white, lavender, violet



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Natural reigns in this theme, so it’s the perfect excuse to plan an outdoor wedding. Whether it’s a summer destination wedding at the beach or a casual backyard reception, you’ll want to make Mother Nature the main focus. Serve local and in-season food, decorate with farm fresh flowers, and give gifts that guests can use during and after the wedding, like these personalized sunglasses. Other theme details include:

  • Abundance of greenery and oversized arrangements
  • Hanging foliage
  • Seeds and pods
  • Edible elements like flowers and herbs
  • Green, neutrals, earth tones



Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash

An interactive wedding theme is all about the guest experience. Couples who choose this theme will focus on creating memorable moments their guests will talk about for years to come. Exciting entertainment (flame eaters and hoop dancers, anyone?), choreographed dances, and mingling spots are only a few ways couples can engage their guests. Other ideas include:


  • Interactive buffet stations
  • Video guest books or having guests add to a work of art
  • Airstream food stations
  • GIF photo booths



Photo by Laura Radniecki

Industrial style has a sort of simplicity to it, but a unique one, and can be easily expanded upon to create a personal look. Wedding Wire says, “Often infusing vintage and rustic elements itself, the trend expertly blends modern with the old.” Couples interested in this theme can look to lofts, old factories, and warehouses for inspiration and as possible venues. Consider these elements for an industrial theme as well:


  • Black paired with nude or metallic
  • Mixed metals
  • Exposed piping, concrete, and brick
  • String lighting
  • Copper and marble
  • Minimalism


Fine Art

Photo by The Barefoot Brunettes via B.Loved Blog

What makes a wedding “fine art”? Think soft, dreamy, and light-filled. Think oil on canvas and pastoral scenes. Beauty is the focus. Other details include:


  • Unusual venues like historical site, boutique hotels, libraries, and museums
  • Elaborate installations
  • Romantic florals
  • Handmade and torn paper
  • Silk chiffon on tabletops
  • Gold, white, clear, pops of color



Via International Luxury Weddings

With the maximalism theme, couples will want to go big or go home. This kind of wedding will give guests a luxury experience. Divine ideas for a maximalist wedding include:


  • Dramatic, theatrical
  • Lavish tablescapes
  • Arches, floral ceilings and walkways
  • Soft furnishings, large ottomans, rugs, chill out areas
  • Oversized bouquets
  • Exaggerated elements
  • Moody color palettes


Finally, the overarching theme for 2018 is individuality. As noted above, couples want a wedding that is completely unique to them and expresses their personalities. 2018 weddings are less about formality and traditions and more about experience, creating memorable moments, and celebrating love in a way that is intimate, personal, and fun.


Article by Stacey Smith

Stacey Smith is a freelance writer who, after planning her own wedding last year, loves to share tips and ideas for creating the perfect day. She specializes in new and unique wedding ideas with a flair for the DIY. 

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